Best Chicago Illinois Clubs

Best Chicago Illinois Nightclubs

In a city that vibrates all through the city, its nightlife is no different. With a big range of comedy clubs, craft breweries, speakeasies, jazz bars and piano, and hip-hop clubs, you will never get bored at home or in a hotel room. Night out in Chicago are forever memorable. Start off with a perfect dinner, or a craft cocktail in one of the city’s different bars, and then dance the night away in one of the clubs. Here are some of the best nightclubs in Chicago.

The Drop Lounge

Whether you are planning your birthday party, a bachelorette party for your top friend, or just looking for a location to go when in Chicago, the Drop Lounge is a best choice. It is an intimate cave bar which offers seasonal cocktail along with the beats of the moment. Their menu contains a long list of craft beer, some globally known ciders, brands, cocktails, and drop shots. Some of their most famous cocktail contain the Brokers Call and Oreo old fashioned. Oh yes, this place is awesome to have some Chicago strippers come out for a birthday party surprise and twerk it.


Sound-Bar is one of the warmest nightclubs in Chicago at the moment and is revolutionizing the city’s already dynamic and vibrant social scene. The wonderful club gathers state-of-the art technology with minimalist decoration and laser lights. The nightclub specs 9 bars, 4 boutique lounges, and spreads over 2 levels, so it is the perfect venue for anything from private functions to a fun Saturday night with friends.

Alive One

AliveOne is another hip Chicago bar in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, unlocked every evening, with an extended schedule on Saturday. People love coming here for live music and drinks. The venue consists of 2 separate rooms, a front bar serving a big range of tap beer, an “all-live” jukebox, and a second bar with fully different vibe as matched to the front one.

The Apartment

The Apartment is not your regular nightclub; here visitors will find a chill loft-party vibe, love seats, cozy beds, and fireplaces – all to resemble a real apartment. It is the favorite meeting point for young people looking for a location to hang out, dance on the warmest beats of the moment, and slip cocktails. The Apartment is a best choice for birthday celebrations, bachelorette parties or bachelor, or even an office party.

Debonair Social Club

Debonair Social Club is another Chicago trending nightclub, placed in the Wicker Park neighborhood. The venue spreads over 2 levels and specs a mix of events, art, as well as some of the city’s most influential music.



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